Stand Against the Listing Reform Act and SAVES Act and Protect the ESA

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The Endangered Species Act is under attack by Congress. Out of the numerous bills proposed to dismantle the Endangered Species Act, I chose to petition against the Listing Reform Act and Saving America's Endangered Species  Act (SAVES Act). 

The Listing Reform Act would change the way animals petitioned for listing would be reviewed. Firstly, the Secretary of Commerce and Interior will be given the power to give priority to petitions over others. Also, the Listing Reform Act will get rid of the mandatory deadline that Congress has to make the decision on whether or not to let a species join the Endangered Species Act. This can be dangerous because if there is an administration that does not like the ESA, they can purposely ignore petitions and allows for populations of certain species to decline.

The SAVES Act, or Saving America's Endangered Species Act, fools many with its seemingly innocent title. The Saving America's Endangered Species Act will remove any species that is non-native to the United States from the Endangered Species Act. Since these species will no longer have the protection of the Endangered Species Act, Federal Agencies will not be able to pursue wildlife trafficking cases that happen within the United States which does not bode well for a number of species. 

The Endangered Species Act is vital to the conservation of animals, having a 99% percent rate of success. I am petitioning the House of Representatives because they have the ability to let these bills die and protect the Endangered Species Act. 

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