Reduce Child Poverty

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Representative Michael F. Doyle
2637 East Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Dear Representative Doyle,

My name is Aleana Desimone and I am writing to urge you to support bill H.R. 3381, the Child Poverty Reduction Act of 2017. The overall goal of this bill is to develop a national plan to end child poverty in the U.S. The bill plans to address the problem by first, understanding the root cause of poverty in the hope that they can implement scientifically proven changes in order to correct it. The bill will also improve accessibility to anti-poverty programs by reducing the difficulty of enrolling in such programs. Another goal is to connect low-income youth and their families to education, job training and work in order to help them rise above poverty.
Child poverty is a very real and alarming issue. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, children are overrepresented amongst our nation’s poor, making up for 32 percent of people living in poverty. According to Valerie Brankovic, author of “Standing by: Bills to prop up childcare, early learning; reduce childhood poverty,” child poverty has been associated with poor behavioral and emotional health and an increased risk of being less successful academically and economically. The proposed bill plans to eliminate child poverty in twenty years by creating a national plan. This plan will reach every level of government. By reaching the lowest levels of government, the bill will provide access to services and resources to low-income children directly. The bill also plans on tracking progress at all levels of government to ensure that the ultimate goal is being met.
I strongly believe that this bill can create a difference in the lives of our nation’s children. I feel very passionate about this issue. As a registered nurse, I care for people of many different walks of life. It is heartbreaking to care for sick patients who are not only trying to recover from illnesses, but also worrying about paying bills. There have been many times when my patients have confided in me about how they are living month to month, trying to make enough money to pay for rent and other everyday expanses. The burden of growing medical bills only adds stress to an already emotionally demanding situation. However, I can only imagine the difficulty that children face when they grow up in low-income families. As someone who wishes to work with children one day, I have always felt a need to care for the most vulnerable populations. I truly believe that it our job to care for our children’s wellbeing.
Again, Representative Doyle, I urge you to support this bill in order to protect the future of our nation’s children. As a man with children of your own, I am sure that their safety and wellbeing is a priority in your life. Wouldn’t you want the same for every child? I strongly believe that the Child Poverty Reduction Act of 2017 will address many of the issues that children in poverty face. I feel that the bill has established a concrete plan to implement change and ensure reduction and ultimately elimination of child poverty in the United States. Therefore, I encourage you to support this bill and help put an end to the suffering child in poverty face.
Thank you for you time and consideration.
Aleana Desimone