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Petition to Save the Sea Turtles Before It's Too Late!!

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     Centuries ago, sea turtles were in abundance. Now, six (6) out of the seven (7) species in existence are either endangered or threatened. How did this happen? There are many causes for the decrease in sea turtle numbers. This includes light pollution, ocean pollution, and accidental fishing. When sea turtles hatch, they use the stars and moon to guide them to the ocean. If there are white lights on the boardwalk, the turtles will get misled, and go out into the street toward the light where they can get run over. Additionally, upon reaching the ocean, sea turtles must navigate through a sea of plastic pollution. Finally, sea turtles can easily get caught in a trawl net or fishing line. Any of these circumstances can be detrimental to a sea turtle’s health.

      Our petition is directed towards the U.S. Congress as well as Florida State Congress. The end goal is to get new legislation enacting stricter punishments on killers of sea turtles - accidental or not - as well as protection for people to aid sea turtles in getting to the ocean. This can be done by scaring off predators like seagulls or simply redirecting turtles to the ocean. If you don't happen to live near an ocean, you can perform a task that is just as - if not more important - than helping turtles to the sea. This is picking up litter. No matter where you live in the country, water will eventually drain to the ocean. If that water is carrying pollution like McDonald's cups or grocery store bags, it will go into the ocean and kill sea turtles along with other marine life. In conclusion, sea turtle populations are rapidly decreasing, however, humans can help. Whether it is helping baby sea turtles to the ocean or simply picking up litter on the side of the road, the smallest actions can sometimes have the biggest effects. 

Of course, if you are unable to aid with directing turtles to the sea or picking up litter, the easiest thing you can do is sign our petition. If enough people just like you sign this, it will have a profound effect.

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