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Make it illegal to hunt/kill animals inside their den.

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I was recently made aware of a bill — that has passed the House and is now in the Senate waiting on a majority vote — that would make it legal for hunters/people to kill hibernating bears and wolves while they are inside their respective den.  I find this to be atrocious, inhuman,  and absolutely completely inhumane.  I'm petitioning the U.S. Government to pass a countermeasure that would make it completely illegal to kill/maim/trap, or lure ANY animal from it's den with the intent to kill.  Punishment should be laid out as follows; 1st offense: immediate loss of all hunting permits (as well as all fish and game permits) with possibility of reinstatement after 1 year.   2nd offense: permanent loss of ALL hunting permits (including those lost from 1st offense) and immediate surrender and confiscation of any mode of transportation used to commit said crime.    3rd offense: Minimum 1 year in jail with no more than 10 years to be served.  

I don't see a need in laying out punishment for a 4th offense as I'm hoping after the 3rd time they will have learned their lesson and will have a newfound respect for the law and the natural balance of our ecosystem.  

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