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Ban assault weapons

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To the U.S House of Representatives and U.S Senate:

We the undersigned are urging you to pass a ban on assault weapons in the United States by signing this petition.

93 people are killed a day in the U.S from guns. Since 1982, there have been at least 94 public mass shootings. Mass murders are caused by automatic weapons. People argue they need guns for hunting and self defense, but nobody needs an AR-15 to kill a deer and none of us need such a weapon to defend our family. 8 children are killed everyday by guns.

The gunmen in the mass shootings in Aurora, Orlando, Sandy Hook, Umpqua CC,San Bernardino, and the two most recent, most relevant, Texas shooting and Las Vegas shooting, all used AR-15 rifles. Because of that, in Texas, the shooter killed 26 people including him and 20 wounded. In the Las Vegas shooting, 58 dead and over 560 wounded. 33,000 deaths occur a year because of gun violence. That's too much.

The only use of these assault weapons were to kill innocent lives. These weapons have no use for other scenarios. Therefore, we should ban these assault weapons.

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