Accountability for Sara & Sam Schwerin violating Federal Law in Bob Marshall Wilderness

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Sam & Sara Schwerin flew their helicopter into an area of the Bob Marshall Wildnerss. Federal law prohibits landing a helicopter in a designated wilderness area.   Land that is designated for "no motorized vehicles", so they could "fly fish".  When Schwerins were caught they said "we're above the water line, you have our tail numbers".

We, the undersigned ask that any and all authorities, including judges ensure that the Schwerins be punished and held accountable.  Suggestions include, but not limited too::

  1. Forfeiting Sara's pilot's license,. Claiming  they didn't know where they were. Surely, the helicopter's GPS reflected their location.
  2. Forfeiting their Montana fishing licenses. The Schwerins clearly violated Montana FWP regulations of fishing access
  3. Schwerin's remind us of Montana's "copper kings". By utilizing their wealth in order to buy influence and positions on non-profit boards in the Bozeman community.
  4.  Their sense of entitlement and privilege in believing it's okay to violate laws protecting ecosystems isn't wanted nor does it belong in Bozeman or any Montana community.
  5.  We recommend that Sam & Sara Schwerin be  assessed a fine of $1 million dollars for maintaining and caring for all trails and fishing access in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

On behalf of the good citizens of our great state, Montana.  We thank you in advance for your prompt attention in both holding Sara & Sam Schwerin accountable as well as punished for their irresponsible and reckless behavior.