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A new threat to thousands of wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming is Congress' latest salvo against the Endangered Species Act.

Since January congressional Republicans have introduced 34 legislative assaults against endangered species and their most powerful protection: the Endangered Species Act. Bad bills like the one targeting Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves undermine the Act, putting threatened and endangered wildlife back in the crosshairs. We expect more of these dangerous, senseless riders in the days and weeks ahead.

This and every other attack from Trump and Congress allowing endangered wolves to be hunted and killed must be stopped. Please join us in pushing back against this bill and the torrent of wildlife decimation.

The science-based approach of the Endangered Species Act has brought wolves in the Great Lakes region back from the brink of extinction. Stripping protection from wolves now is exactly the wrong thing to do. Nine out of 10 Americans support the Act and want it strengthened or unchanged. Yet Congress keeps pushing to destroy this bedrock American law.

While Washington and the media are distracted, we aren't. Congress is getting ready to hurt wildlife not just by weakening the Endangered Species Act, but with other malicious tricks like taking funding away from species like monarch butterflies, wolverines, walruses and the golden-winged warbler.

This means even though these vulnerable species may be designated for protection, they could be wiped out. Nothing less than extinction is what's at stake in the coming days.

Two dozen lawsuits against Trump's anti-wildlife administration have been filed.

Just last week a new wolf pack was identified in Northern California -- but we won't be hearing good news like that in the future if Congress rips away at the bedrock law that keeps wild wolves and so many other vulnerable creatures alive.

PLEASE take action now.

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