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Unite for America: A Proposal for a Compromise Candidate to Stop Trump

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Whatever hopes existed that the divisive, inflammatory Trump of the 2016 campaign season would morph into a man temperamentally, intellectually, or ethically fit to hold office have evaporated in the Trump transition. The unprecedented influence of foreign powers on his candidacy, his administration's unprecedented lack of qualifications, and his cavalier disregard for fundamental Presidential conduct give Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike a shared cause to unite against this threat to our national security.

Since the election, Republican electors have made clear that they refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton despite her winning the national popular vote by a historic margin. The best chance of stopping Trump now is for electors from both parties to vote for a more moderate candidate—someone who can get the votes of both Republican and Democratic electors and then succeed in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Trump succeeded by exploiting our division as a country. We must come together and break this vicious cycle if we’re to heal the communities and families torn further apart by this election.

Members of the Electoral College: vote your conscience for an alternative, adequately qualified candidate and deny Trump the 270 votes needed to take office. Do this to preserve the historic American values which both noble parties have fought so long to protect. Unite for America.


We are a movement of conservatives, liberals, moderates, independents, and citizens politically unaligned, brought together by the 2016 Presidential Crisis. We are united in our patriotic desire to work together to preserve the security and peace of our country and the world.

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