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TWRA is going to euthanize my family's pet raccoon.  The reason being she bit one of my son's friends on the foot.  This was not a big bite, but however, it was a bite.  Our raccoon Boomer has been in our family since 2015 and has lived in our home all this time and has never set foot on the ground.  I bought and paid for this raccoon.  I have also been paying TWRA fees in order to keep her which is the legal thing to do.  My kids, my husband and me are devastated.  I understand they need to see if she has rabies for the childs protection so I would like for them to quarentine her instead of euthanize due to the length of time she has been in my home.  I feel there is no possible way she has rabies.  Your support would be appreciated.  Thank you!