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Relax recent policy changes to allow IFTTT triggers to continue functioning

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a very powerful service used by many, that lets users connect various web services together in unique, interesting and useful ways. For example, you could create a "recipe" to automatically bookmark all favorited Tweets in a social bookmarking service such as Delicious; or send you an SMS message when one of your followers @reply's you. And so on.

Unfortunately, Twitter has recently announced policy changes that will effectively neuter this capability. According to Section 4A of the Twitter API Terms (, Twitter will begin strictly enforcing their Developer Display Requirements (, "Exporting Twitter Content to a datastore as a service or other cloud based service, however, is not permitted." After these restrictions are in place, IFTTT "recipes" will still be allowed to post on their creators' behalf to Twitter; however "triggers" (which constitutes the bulk of what makes Twitter-IFTTT integration useful) will cease to function.

We feel that this is a needless restriction, and see it as a betrayal to those long-time Twitter users who helped popularize the service and make it grow and prosper. We humbly ask Twitter to reconsider this decision.

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