Twitter, let us merge accounts

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Twitter is full of millions of ghost accounts with no activity.
Many of them were created by people like me:

- i have a website and in the past I created an account for each topic (movies, music, news, technology ...) but now I realize that I can not create as many content to fill those accounts and managing so many accounts is very difficult so we have had to focus on one, the main one of the website and abandon the others.

- I have had collaborators and employees who worked alongside me and used an account with their name to interact with readers; once they have stopped collaborating, those accounts are inactive

- websites and projects that were closed and of which there is only one dead Twitter account left wandering around cyberspace

Other users will have different reasons for having inactive accounts that they would like to merge with their current active accounts.

Should it be a Twitter feature forever or just temporary?

By now, to do not compromise itself, Twitter should test for, say, 30 days and then get conclusions.

What if the followers of the inactive account do not want to follow the added and active?

Users should receive a message explaining that "The account X, which you followed, has been merged by its administrator to the Z account. Click here if you don't want to become a Z-follower". In other words, an opt-out system.

Can I merge an unlimited number of accounts?

No. It should be limited to what Twitter considers a reasonable number of accounts to merge according to their data: it could be 10 at most or 20 or 50.

I hope that many of you will support this request and that Twitter will leave us.