Remove Tariq Nasheed's Twitter account

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Tariq Nasheed has been brigading his followers to ban Ice Poseidon's channel. He has been slandering Mr. Poseidon and has a history of doing this before, most notably to Bunty King.

He's the ultimate black supremacist, he's actually racist to white people. This dude is always after attention. Before he became a black supremacist, he was like a pimp and wrote a shitty books about how to control and use women and how to be a real street n***** and when that diddid work for him, he went for the Social Justice Warrior route, becoming what he is now and honestly he is making a living of this manufactured outrage.

Tariq Nasheed is a human trafficker who pimped out vulnerable and struggling black women to old white men for money.

Tariq is a radical domestic terrorist, he calls for the death of white people, calls for the death of hispanics ect ect, he needs to be arrested for his violence, that's not protected under the 1A.

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