Block ARENA and FMLN´s Facebook and Twitter Accounts

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For three decades, the ARENA and FMLN political parties have robbed, lied to and killed thousands of Salvadorans.

Through their pacts with terrorists, they forced an entire country to live in shame, in fear. Many even abandoned their homes and fled to other countries to seek refuge.

All the mayors, deputies and leaders of ARENA and the FMLN use social networks to continue intimidating and lying to Salvadorans.

We Salvadorans are tired of all the insults and manipulation by these political parties and each of their mayors, deputies and leaders.

These people only know how to threaten and harass anyone who does not think like them, no matter if they are male, female, old or young.

Please join this petition in order to put an end to this cycle of violence generated by ARENA and the FMLN.

Thank you.