Ban Brian and Ed Krassenstein From Social Media

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Rarely do both sides of the Political aisle America agree on anything.  

As the years under Trump's Presidency have carried on, a growing nuisance was rapidly emerging; for seemingly no reason at all.  

That nuisance: none other than Brian and Ed Krassenstein.  

If you view Trump's Tweets regularly (or even one time), you definitely saw the brothers and their replies.  When we say they are the FIRST replies to EVERY Trump Tweet, we mean LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE.  

The two brothers were noticably hated by Trump supporters, but after perhaps the biggest fail in Reddit AMA history, we learned that those holding more 'liberal' viewpoints despise the duo just as much; if not more so.  

If you are not on Twitter, quite simply, these two are the most obvious paid-shills in Twitter history.  They offer no policy proposals, ideas, or humor.  Just Trump opposition.

We understand disliking Trump.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  However, this is on a completely new level.  

As of late, the two have started sharing blatantly false tweets, something uncommon in Trump's early Presidency.  

We are absolute proponents of Free Speech and this request pains us, for it stands in direct contrast to a core value.  As stated above, the Krassenstein's seem to be of a different breed.

The fact that they are at the top of Trump Tweets implies that they are at some type of Algorithm advantage.  Thus, in a rare exception to Free Speech, we propose that ALL social media platforms ban the Krassenstein Brothers and their profiles. 

I say 'profiles', because they have been caught using fake accounts numerous times, in blatant violation of Twitter TOS. 

This, of course, coupled with the fact that they mysteriously faced no charges in 2016 for a Ponzi Scheme, despite an hours-long FBI raid of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

It's safe to say that these 2 have abused their freedom of speech, and We The People demand action.  

Stop the Divisiveness.  Ban the Krassenstein's.  Stand up for internet users everywhere!!