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Repeal the Suspension of @Bill_Nye_Tho

Every so often, a Twitter account comes along that changes the game. On a website littered with soulless, moronic "parody" accounts that imagine what Will Ferrell, Chris Rock, and Ted from the movie "Ted" would say if they were they were given a comedic lobotomy and the interests of a tween, @Bill_Nye_Tho was a beacon of education, laughter, and hope. With the exception of @__MICHAELJ0RDAN (who it appears @Bill_Nye_Tho was developing what would've surely been an amazing friendship, rife with potential for collaboration-- nobody has harnessed the power and potential of a celebrity parody account with such a uniquely memorable approach. I am not sure what the motivation behind Twitter suspending @Bill_Nye_Tho was, but I do know that my timeline just isn't the same without 140-character golden nuggets such as, "SHOUTS OUT TO ALL THE BIRDS THAT ARE INCAPABLE OF FLIGHT BUT THEY STILL OUT THERE GRINDIN ANYWAY" or " SOMETIMES I REMEMBER THERE ARE MOUNTAINS IN THE OCEAN AND I GOT SO HYPE I JUST GO OUTSIDE N START RUNNIN AROUND MAN IDK." If the real Bill Nye is behind this suspension, I sincerely hope he reconsiders. At the time of suspension, @Bill_Nye_Tho was over 100,000 followers, many of whom, if not all, have been stricken with sadness and confusion over the loss of this account. If you believe in science, in comedy, in free speech...please sign this petition. Thank you, and remember: "u may have breathed the same air a dinosaur breathed 1000s of years ago and if u dont think thats the tightest shit then get out of my face."

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