Twitter Censors Free Speech : Lift the suspension on @MelAnimalLover who is campaigning against canine cruelty in Romania []

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Last night Twitter decided to censor an animal rights lover fighting to save dogs in Romania. Details of its decision are here . Also visit this website on why no one should be doing business with Romania.

No doubt it recieved complaints from those who support animal cruelty in Romania and decided on censorship. Twitter cites the nebulous word "aggressive". This is of course open to subjective interpretation.  

This is not the first time Twitter has engaged in censoring opinions and views. The Independent wrote about them here. Twitter will note the following directive on freedom of expression as directed by the law. It says as follows. 

Sedley LJ "Redmond-Bate v Director of Public Prosecutions [1999] EWHC Admin 732 which is persuasive in all jurisdictions


"Mr. Kealy was prepared to accept that blame could not attach for a breach of the peace to a speaker so long as what she said was inoffensive. This will not do. Free speech includes not only the inoffensive but the irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome and the provocative provided it does not tend to provoke violence. Freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having. What Speakers’ Corner (where the law applies as fully as anywhere else) demonstrates is the tolerance which is both extended by the law to opinion of every kind and expected by the law in the conduct of those who disagree, even strongly, with what they hear. From the condemnation of Socrates to the persecution of modern writers and journalists, our world has seen too many examples of state control of unofficial ideas. A central purpose of the European Convention on Human Rights has been to set close limits to any such assumed power. We in this country continue to owe a debt to the jury which in 1670 refused to convict the Quakers William Penn and William Mead for preaching ideas which offended against state orthodoxy". 

Mel Royal ran the campaign where the hashtag #romaniastopanimalabuse trended in October 2013. This curious action by Twitter suggests that they are now curbing individual activism and campaigning. This is blatant censorship and it is now placing the precarious situation of vulnerable dogs in Romania at considerable risk. Twitter has demonstrated that despite being dog owners themselves, they have no compassion for the plight of Romanian dogs. They have silenced the Tweeting of a lone campaigner until further notice. By doing this, they have placed her entire archive and hard work at risk. 

If Twitter believes in freedom of expression, it should lift the suspension immediately. 

Following the above, Mel Royal was reinstated.

Unfortunately, on the 24.11.2013, Twitter censored Mel Royal again. The petition was subsequently reopened.

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