Twitter, ban groups like "RuthSentUs" that are encouraging violence & phobia of Catholics


Twitter, ban groups like "RuthSentUs" that are encouraging violence & phobia of Catholics

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Started by Jane Doe

Regardless of your opinions in American politics and social issues, inciting violence, hatred, fear of, and phobia against a group of people is never the answer. "Pro-choice" groups such as Ruth Sent Us (@RuthSentUs) on Twitter have been publicly inciting harassment of practicing Catholics this week (of Mother's day) and have yet to have any of these hateful tweets deleted by Twitter. They are encouraging 'activists' to disrupt worship held, especially on Mother's Day (5/8/22). This is a violation of Catholics First Amendment rights to worship freely. They are also promoting hate crimes to "Burn The Eucharist", which is the main focal point of a Catholic mass, meant to represent Jesus Christ's body itself. They are purposefully calling for such hateful acts to harm, offend, and injure Catholics. Promoting hatred towards a group of people's identity is never the answer, and individuals who do so should be banned from Twitter. Those who peacefully and justly express their opinions on either side of "Pro choice or life" deserve to do so, as it is their right to free speech. But the encouragement of hateful acts against a group of people's identity is not peaceful.

Catholics in America have a history of being persecuted. Especially by the horrific hate group the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK has publicly expressed their hatred of Catholics since the 1800's. They were especially responsible for spreading fear of Catholics, that they would hold loyalty 'to the Vatican' rather than the United States. The spread of fear, mistrust and hate against Catholics culminated in tragic events such as the March 14, 1891 New Orleans lynchings, the largest mass lynching in American history. Where 11 Italians were murdered by a mob of racists and anti-Catholics.

Such reckless and harmful content should not be allowed to prosper on the public town square that is Twitter. Let peaceful free speech take place and ban those who promote violence!

Regardless of anyone's political stance, purposefully creating fear of a group of people's identity is wrong and dangerous; Twitter must punish the account @RoeSentUs and other's like it that are encouraging violence, hate crimes and terrorism.

Twitter, please terminate hate based accounts such as "Roe Sent Us" (@RoeSentUs) and protect valid free speech & law abiding peaceful Catholics from hate based content such as this.


Links to offending Tweets promoting hatred and violence against the Catholic identity:

Encouraging 'activists' to disrupt Catholic worship services:

Threat to burn the Catholic Eucharist:

Character defamation and slander, meant to cause fear and hate (phobia) of Catholics:

Disregard for Catholic First Amendment rights:


This petition made change with 32 supporters!

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