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Hello Everyone!

I am Starting this petition with hopes of getting a Twitchcon Canada going. Twitchcon is a once a year convention for streamers, viewers, and content creators. The only downfall is that there is only one! and it's in Cali every year. That's quite the hike for alot of people. Also it is a quite expensive trip. I think if Twitch could Branch out and have more conventions it would benefit a HUGE amount of people.  It would be awesome to get a Canadian Convention going for all the Canadian Content Creators. I'm Thinking Vancouver or Toronto?...but those are just suggestions. I personally know Canadians that head to Cali each year, so I know for a fact Americans and people from other countries would come here for a convention. I'm not sure how many sigs I would need to get to make this happen but if we can get enough maybe we can get Twitch's Attention. Please Sign if you're down with what I want to get going!