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Unban Yandere Simulator On Twitch TV

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Yandere Simulator is a game created by a small, independent developer. While it does contain strong themes, it does not contain anything worse than content existing in other games that are commonly streamed on Twitch TV. Grand Theft Auto 5 features more explicit torture, Man Hunt and Hitman feature more extreme violence, and South Park: Stick Of Truth contains more extreme sexualization of children (going as far as to depict child rape scenes) and yet all of these games get a pass.

Further, Yandere Sim's creator has tried for over a year to reach out to Twitch TV. He has expressed again and again that he's willing to change aspects of the game to better fit what Twitch TV considers acceptable. However, Yandere Dev is stone walled at every turn. It is the hope of this petitioner that we can add our voices to his, and that if enough of us speak up Twitch TV will actually respond to Yandere Dev

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