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Ban Kaceytron from Twitch 2018

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Kaceytron is a streamer on Twitch. She constantly breaks rules and gets away with it. Sign this petition to raise awareness and let Twitch know that what she's doing is wrong. I am going to go through the Twitch rules and provide proof that Kaceytron breaks the ToS.

Breaking The Law - Kaceytron has told stories about how she has stolen items from places such as hotels and stores. This is a bannable offense.

Self Destructive Behavior - Kaceytron discreetly hints that she takes drugs which is self destructive behavior. She generally acts deranged.

Violence & Threats - Kaceytron consistently threatens her viewers and other streamers on the site. She has recently talked badly about Kneecoleslaw, Sodapoppin and many other streamers. She has also said "Kill yourself" a few times.

Hateful Conduct & Harassment - Kaceytron always makes jokes and references about sexism, homophobia, ageism and medical conditions. She talks badly about females and how they are bad at games apart from herself. She always hates on people based on their sexuality and she has said the derogatory F word one time. She always tells people they are 12 years old and they live in their mother's basements which is hating on people based on their age. She always calls people r**arded which is an offensive term. She is known for starting drama on Twitter which gives off a hateful and negative vibe about her personality. 

Spam, Scams & Other Malicious Conduct - Whenever Kaceytron makes a strawpoll, she spams it in her chat room 50 times, which is possible to cause a chat server overload. Kaceytron typically spreads misinformation to her viewers. 

Nudity, Pornography & Other Sexual Content - Kaceytron always talks sexually. Her donations are sexual. Her chat is sexual. The stream is very inappropriate. She sometimes plays sexual music. She sometimes shows cleavage. Children may donate with their parents credit cards not knowing that she will not be their girlfriend. This is known as child exploitation. 

Categorizing Content Appropriately - Sometimes Kaceytron will play games and show up in the IRL section. She will also eat under IRL whenever there is a social eating category. 

The Twitch community would be a much more positive place without Kaceytron on the platform. You could watch any of her streams and at least 1 of these things will happen almost immediately. Thank you for reading.

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