A petition to allow the repair of the Boardwalk at the Anchorage Island, Tweed Heads, NSW.

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Save Our Tweed Heads Boardwalk at the Tweed Heads Anchorage Island from Tweed Shire Council demolition

The Save Our Boardwalk Group at Tweed Heads’ is made up of Anchorage Island owner groups, Tweed Shire ratepayers, near-by Gold Coast residents, and concerned visitors and citizens. We represent local residents and visitors to the area, in order to protect the use of our Tweed Heads boardwalk for everyone to enjoy.

Access to the Tweed Heads Boardwalk, part of our coastal park and circuit walkway at the Anchorage Island, has now been denied by Council’s recent closure and also their action to obtain quotations for the boardwalk’s demolition. In comparison to similar council maintenance matters, we claim that there has been inadequate public consultation, prior to it going to Council.

Our Boardwalk has been used by local groups of daily walkers, the aged and physically challenged, residents, families and children using the boardwalk for observing: the natural marine environment, birdlife, fishing, and allowing the opportunity to interact with the natural surroundings and wildlife without any negative impact.

The Tweed Heads Boardwalk, in the Keith Curran Anchorage Island Park, boasts significant marine and bird habitats, which should not be compromised by council’s dismal failure to maintain the under-structure of the 19 year old boardwalk, originally planned by ‘Tweed’s Man of Trees’, Bruce Chick with conservationist, Harry Butler.
The impact of its loss of usage will no doubt have a considerable influence on the social and educational systems which currently coexist.

We must all act as custodians to protect this boardwalk as a key part of our marine and coastal park, for all future generations to enjoy. On 15th September, our 203 signatured petitions presented our case to council why this valued boardwalk should be repaired, as has been recently done by council, for the Tweed Heads Tom Beatson Outlook.
Please sign our further petition to Tweed Shire Council to allow the repair of our Tweed Heads Boardwalk at the Anchorage Island and not allow its demolition this November by a newly elected Tweed Shire Council.

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