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Remove Mike Hosking as election debate moderator

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1) In a tight election debates need to be free of perceived political bias. Mike Hosking does not bring perceived political neutrality, instead he is heavily reflective of pro-National Party supporters. Alternatives such as Simon Dallow or Jack Tame would remedy this.
2) Mike Hosking has failed to demonstrate to the public any sympathy for poverty, beneficiaries, environmental causes, underfunded public healthcare, which are all key election topics, and in a critical role of MC of leaders debates could prejudice the debate away from these key areas because they are weak points of the current government, for which he is on record for stating his support .
3) Mike Hosking has denied publicly through his own various media for over 8 years that there was a housing crisis in New Zealand, which was the position of the National Party. Nationals change of stance mirrored and coincided with Mike Hoskings position, which is a key indicator that a major influence on his bias stems directly from the National Party which makes him unsuitable to chair or MC a debate where housing New Zealanders is a key talking point for this election.


Replace him with Jack Tame

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