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TV One: Kick Off R&B Singer Kelly Price From R&B Divas LA

I am a fan of the R&B Divas franchises. A lot of these female R&B singers that I thought just left the industry are now on TV. However, I am having an real issue with R&B Divas ATL Kelly Price. Kelly Price has presented a monologue for all the ladies to do. When she fails to show up for rehearsal and when the ladies get a new director, Kelly starts to act like a buffoon on national television. I don't understand why Kelly would present an idea and then when it's time to get the project moving, she stalled. She claim she is busy but she could have easily made time if this was something she was truly passionate about. Plus, your not that busy. I don't hear a single on the radio. I don't see you doing promo. Your last album was over 2 years ago and FLOPPED. You don't have a tour nor anything your apart of to promote. So again, what's keeping you from doing this play ? Then she disrespected Fred by getting in his face screaming and hollering at him. I felt really bad for Lil Mo. She and Chanté seemed really committed and Kelly Price had the nerve to call them backstabbers. You should be thankful that they came through for you. Kelly is malicious, vindictive, hurtful, disrespectful, nasty, evil and just plain rude. Kelly Price is a hot ghetto mess. It amazes me how rude, inconsiderate, disrespectful and harsh she can be towards people. Mr. Thomas has been nothing but nice and friendly to her. I really like how Mr. Thomas is really handling Kelly Price attitude with class. I will no longer support Kelly on any ventures that she does and I willl continue to spread the truth about who she is. She is violent & verbally abusive towards her other cast mates. She has made R&B Divas a turn for the worse. R&B Divas was a positive show showing real talented down to earth African American female musicians and with Kelly's screaming antics, it makes me not want to watch the show anymore. Please TV One, Do NOT invite her back for a second season. If I wanted to see screaming, yelling & cursing, I would have watched Love & Hip Hop ATL. Kelly is the disease of this great show and why should she ruin it for everyone else ? GET KELLY PRICE OFF THE SHOW !

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