Please refuse to air Impastor on their network

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Please refuse to air Impastor on their network

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I have unfortunately seen my share of previews for the new show called Impastor and I find it impossible to watch. It is completely irreverent and sums up everything that I would not want to watch in a television show. TV Land is supposed to have better standards than a con artist, sex addict (who knows what else) impose as a gay pastor of someone who died, hence the stupid not clever take on the series entitled 'Impastor.'  So if the powers that be (who have far less powers than they think they do) think anything about this show is suitable then I feel sorry for you. Everything you can find offense to is summed up in every preview. This show will do NOTHING to better relations with anyone and certainly not this country. It epitomizes the mockery of Christianity which I will not tolerate. I hope there are others that will feel as strongly about ridding this trash off the air and I hope TV Land which has been known for more wholesome comedies and shows will rethink airing it. And further more TV Land bans the Dukes of Hazzard because someone might show offense to a confederate flag on top of the General Lee (that's another rant I have, leave the show alone!) but YET are willing to show this new series and obviously does not care who they offend! We can see where the morals lie.

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