SAVE ORANGUTANS! Air Icelands essential advert

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Head over to Icelands Social media. A beautiful and sad advert that highlights the things we are doing to our planet. Palm oil, it kills hundreds of Orangutans Every day. Iceland Highlighted this beautifully in their advert telling a story of how they do not sell palm oil and will not this christmas. However, their advert was banned. This could educate so many on conservation as every animal is essential to the ecosystem. But they banned it so many people will be left unaware...

Please help raise awareness on deforestation by signing the petition to help raise awareness on conservation. Animals are dying because of us and now is the time to act more than ever.

Personal story
I am a keeper at an animal sanctuary and I have loved animals since a young age. I know the effects just the loss of one animal has on an ecosystem. One animal loss affects all. In my life I have seen what we are doing to the planet. Now is the time to act more than ever. The loss of animals effects us also. No more trees- no more fresh air. Global warming- a national disaster, drouts and even ice ages! no more forests- no more medicines. No more animals- a pretty boring planet left with a selfish species. Please help. Thank you.