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A New Rebrand for Boomerang

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The TV channel, Boomerang, first began as block on Cartoon Network on December 8, 1992. Eventually the Turner Broadcasting System turned Boomerang into an actual channel on April 1, 2000. The channel was launched with a slogan saying "It all comes back to you" and a logo that resembled a boomerang hence the name. Boomerang was known for airing vintage programming from the 60-2000s, and for it's famous toy bumpers with classics such as: Yogi Bear, The Flinstones, Top Cat, The Jetsons, etc. Boomerang used a continuous schedule and no commercializing, that's until 2014 came along.

On February 4, 2014, as part of the company's 2014 upfronts, Turner Broadcasting announced that Boomerang would become advertising-supported, and seek additional international distribution. On January 19, 2015, the U.S. version of Boomerang was relaunched and started to offer original programming for the first time; the relaunched channel will continue to emphasize its archival programming but will become a "second flagship" on par with the main Cartoon Network. Boomerang has now eliminated most of the programming that made the channel what it was and replaced the iconic logo and narrator. 

Many fans of the original Boomerang, want that Boomerang back. This petition emphasizes that the new Boomerang doesn't live up to the expectations of the old Boomerang. We feel that a better way to rebrand Boomerang would be re-using the toy bumpers and mix with the new bumpers or an updated version of Cartoon Network's Cartoon City originally launched on June 14, 2004, would be a better approach and would create a new Boomerang. Some fans also feel that the programming doesn't match with the title of the channel anymore and want the original programming. We propose a happy medium (a balanced mix of both old cartoon and more recent cartoons; for example airing Wacky Races but also airing the 2005 version of Ben 10).

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