Tumblr to let the TCC stay on Tumblr

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Back in 2018 Tumblr had changed their guidelines and in these guidelines they had put a rule that said you can't glorify perpetrators of violence. Problem with this is that the rule is misused against the TCC. Because were individuals interested in True Crime tons of our accounts that have nothing to do with glorification of perpetrators of violence have our accounts deleted unfairly. Why I care is because I would genuinely love to be able to study true crime without having people in the community I'm part of have their content deleted. Majority of us have no bad intentions with our true crime interest. The TCC gives a lot of people a place where they can communicate with those of similar interest to them. 

This is why I believe this rule should be revoked as it's being misused against us. Majority of us don't romanticize, condone, etc.