tumblr get your shit together challenge

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Tumblr just needs to get its shit together, honestly. 

Dear tumblr: 

  1. stop terminating source blogs for posting edited paparazzi photos of celebrities, these people gain nothing from editing the photos and are just doing it for fun and punishing source blogs for editing photos isn't helping anyone but is hurting everyone
  2. get rid of nazis, pedophiles, and fucking porn and spam bots instead of your actual user base
  3. fix the problem with notification hiding, hey while you're at it fix the tagging system too
  4. if you have an email with the specific purpose of dealing with support requests, maybe, idk, actually reply to people trying to contact you? your 'support' is a joke right now
  5. make a useful functioning mobile app (stop turning safe mode on with every new update, stop with the "best posts first" bullshit)
  6. figure out you problem with voided urls that can't be saved but aren't in use and haven't been for 8 years