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Have TSA change it's policy of tossing legal property into the garbage.

The TSA , right now takes personal property not allowed on an airplane and tosses into the garbage.  I would like to make a policy change where the TSA is required to send someone's property to the Lost and Found office at the aiport where it can be picked up in a reasonable amount of time (30days) Unless the passenger gives consent to have it tossed. 

AS it is now; items accidentally left at security, do get sent to the Lost and Found so it is not a stretch to ask that same effort be made to allow someone to keep an item they packed in their carryon without realizing it would not be allowed on the plane. 

It is wrong to take a legal product from a passenger and just throw it away.  Sometimes the item is valuable monetarily or just sentimentally  but either way a personal item should not be allowed to just be taken away.


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