Saving Endangered Species

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Many species, like plants and animals, are going extinct and this issue will expand, if not taken care of. I believe there should be something done to help protect the species that are in danger. These species are in risk of extinction because of habitat loss. Sadly, us humans are the cause to this problem. One reason they are losing their homes is because when we cut down trees from the forests or just anywhere in general, we are destroying their habitat and reducing biodiversity. There are types of plants that are able to find cures and treatments for diseases like cancer. Imagine someone you love and care for wasn't able to be treated because of something like this. It would all be from the fact that people just didn't care enough to save the environment surrounding us. Our ecosystem is slowly falling apart without us even knowing and it will get worse, if we don't take action. I guess there isn't really a main thing for this problem to be solved, but the little things matter too. For example, if we pick up trash or even recycle, then that could be a big help. Sign my petition and help save these innocent species lives.