Trump Administration: Clarify "Sideshow" Remark

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Above is Justina Pelletier speaking out after spending more than 16 months without her painkillers, heart and brain medications, and other prescriptions.

Many people will remember Justina and her family's story from 2013-2014. Justina's parents, Linda and Lou, brought her to Boston Children's Hospital for treatment for mitochondrial disease (the same condition which recently afflicted baby Charlie Gard in the UK). However, instead of receiving care for her condition, Justina was recklessly re-diagnosed with a psychological disorder and ripped from her parents in a saga which captivated the nation.

Here is Michelle Malkin's take on the story:

Today in federal court, Obama DOJ holdover David J. D'Addio seemed to imply that Justina was a “sideshow.” It was as if he was calling a crippled human being in a wheelchair, who had endured unconscionable torture by his Harvard-dazed political allies, a circus act instead of a citizen of the United States.

We the people demand that the Trump administration recognize that Justina Pelletier is a human being with both human and Constitutional rights. Please join me in asking the Trump Administration to clarify Mr. D'Addio's remarks on behalf The United States, which he currently represents as an assistant U.S. attorney.

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