Keep Mr. Treich at Stahl Junior High

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Dear Reader,

           Recently we heard of the news of the removal of a great teacher at Stahl Junior High. Although this may not seem like a petition worthy enough of being published publicly, in our hearts it is worthy of addressing. Mr. Treich, a ninth-grade teacher at Stahl Junior High, in Puyallup Washington is one of the many teachers that help brighten the students day. Always filled wit, humor, and intelligence among all subjects. We appreciate having Nicolas Treich as a teacher, and we refuse to let the Puyallup School District remove such a great teacher without a fight. This petition is our (The Students of Stahl Junior High) "NO!" to the removal of Mr. Treich Sign this petition today to help us reach out to the district and give our opinion to the decision makers. Comment your opinion below.

Thank you for your time.