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Do not allow Taylor Swift to feature in the annual triple j Hottest 100.

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I have listened to triple j all my life. I was brought up on the j's and still make sure to listen as often as I can.

Today i was made aware of an online gathering to make Taylor Swift's single 'Shake It Off' the no.1 track on triple j's Hottest 100. I am all for people's opinions and tastes in music, but Taylor Swft's 'Shake It Off' should not be on there.

1) this single has never been played on triple j or any triple j program this year, so should be ineligible anyway.

2) it would ruin the pure essence of triple j, sure we have had songs like 'Thrift Shop' and 'Pretty Fly For A White Guy' win, however this were at least played on triple j at least once and were listenable before it became overplayed to death.

3) if i wanted to listen to this song, I would not be listening to triple j. I would listen to NOVA or a TODAYFM program.

4) Triple J's final rule states: "Play fair! triple j reserves the right to remove artists from the list who have benefited from competitions or commercial campaigns that incentivise fans to vote for them." This is not playing fair. I'm fairly sure Buzzfeed are pretty bloody commerical.

Please, for the love of god, remove all votes for this song. It would ruin the hottest 100 and triple j for a lot of its loyal listeners, plus half the people voting for it have not even a clue what triple j is (a simple search through the #tay4hottest100 hashtag on twitter alerted me to this).

No, it would not destroy the world, the Hottest 100 is already the epitome of "My music taste is better than yours!". Howeverm how about promoting an artist that wouldn't give a shit if she won, we promote an artist that will actually use this to change their career forever? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thankyou on behalf listeners of triple j, and people who genuinely care about alternative music and media.



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