BRING BROWNIE BACK: Petition to revoke the unjust dismissal of Mr. Rohan Brown

BRING BROWNIE BACK: Petition to revoke the unjust dismissal of Mr. Rohan Brown

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The dismissal of one of the cornerstones of Trinity Grammar School's leadership team, Mr Rohan Brown, responsible for producing generations worth of exemplary, well rounded young men, represents a huge injustice at the tail end of a great mans career.

Based on the circumstantial evidence and in light of the code of conduct of which guides all the students and teachers at the school, his actions do not equate to grounds worthy of dismissal.

This treatment of the revered, beloved, and integral Mr. Rohan Brown is downright disrespectful, considering not only his duration of service but more importantly his contributions towards the school culture and overall larger community in his tenure as head of discipline at the school. It represents a lack of support for an extremely longstanding pillar of the Trinity Grammar School community. 

This petition signifies support for the re-instatement of Mr. Rohan Brown, an inquiry into the committee's decision making process in regards to this matter and expresses an outrage over the inherent lack of support the school has shown towards its staff members, without whom the school would not exist.

Mr Rohan Brown is personally responsible for giving me the gift of being able to attend Trinity through his role as liaison for a scholarship program I was admitted under. As for many of my peers, during my time at Trinity Grammar he served as not only a teacher and leader, but a beacon of what it meant to be a young Trinity Grammarian; of discipline hand in hand with vulnerability, philanthropy and sacrifice. 

What Mr Rohan Brown represents for Trinity Grammar School cannot be articulated through his titles nor his accomplishments, of which he has no shortages. His sacrifices for the school, alongside his incredibly hard working wife Leonie, conflate to much more than words could ever describe. 

He is the embodiment of Viriliter Agite. He is Trinity Grammar School. 

Bring Brownie back.