Repeal ban of pit bulls in Prairie Village.

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Please help to repeal the ban of pit bulls in Prairie Village. I have been taking care of an abused pit bull for about 6 months. I’ve been rehabilitating her from her physical and mental abuse. She’s a very scared puppy, and doesn’t do very well in new places. She has just adapted to my house and family, only to be ripped out of our hands and thrown back into the world that scared her so much. She’s not violent, but she is a very vocal dog as a lot of dogs are. She has helped me when I’m struggling with a Borderline Personality Disorder episode. She always comes running to you and licks your face off as soon as she hears you cry. She isn’t taking having to leave well at all she’s very stressed and depressed. Please help pit bulls like her from being violent from stress, because they are being ripped out of good and loving homes. They are only violent, because they are scared or feel threatened. People threaten and scare these dogs causing them to be violent. People make these beautiful creatures monsters. We are the only ones who can change them for good. Please speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.