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Renuka Singh supported the racist, hate statement made by Darryl Heeralal (a journalist), on Facebook against black people. This was Darryl Heeralal's Statement - " So listen right and I make no apologies....definitely not. Woman and children get bounce and dead so the niggas from Sea Lots decides to riot just as the niggas on the Beeetham, Laventille and Maloney do and then the government will have to give them handouts and the politicians who gain from the nigga support will act up... meanwhile the rest of the law abiding Africans and Indians will continue to get salt and live in fear of rioting niggas... time we arm ourselves, shoot them in dey facking head and plant cabbage on them." Darryl Heeralal was subsequently fired by his employer after the public outrage and calling for his removal. This statement was directed towards relatives and neighbours of a woman and children who were killed on the side of the road by an alleged drunk police officer who was given priority treatment on the scene of the crime. Renuka Singh a journalist employed with the Trinidad Express agreed with him and made this comment on his Facebook post - "Darryl Heeralal is not known for his diplomacy, but in this case I grudgingly agree...madness." She is still employed with the Trinidad Express and this is a slap in the face to all black citizens of Trinidad & Tobago. She tried to make an excuse that she only agreed with the statement in part but only an absolute racist, bigoted fascist can agree to any part of this disgusting, opprobrious statement that was directed towards innocent civillians in mourning. She must be terminated from her employment with this newspaper if they wish to remain a credible source of information and not continue to offend the black citizens of Trinidad & Tobago with their complacency in this matter. Citizens rely on the integrity of journalists to make serious decisions that affect their lives. Renuka Singh is not someone worthy of this responsibilty if she can find herself on the wrong side of such a hateful statement. Renuka Singh must learn that although for her, the consequence of her endorsement of such a statement is her termination of employment, for others it could be death and in fact, the statement and her endorsement of the statement mocked the death of innocent civilians. Press Freedom comes with Press Responsibilty.

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