Hashflare to honor our contracts

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Hasflare has taken the initiative to end our contracts early.  We have sent millions of dollars to "Hashflare" in hopes to finish our crypto mining contracts. Some of us have sent our life savings to this company. Mining cryptocurrencies is profitable. 

Genesis mining and some other crypto mining facilities are still paying out and is in profit. Hashflare and their team are determining from within that mining crypto is not profitable at this time and due to that they're closing / ending our contracts with them. We have receipts of our transactions. First they add high fees so that many of our contracts do not make it into profit. Second they have a limit of $500 withdrawal minimum. So if you have anything less than that you cannot withdraw. 

This is the tweet hashflare has sent out: https://twitter.com/hashflare/status/1020322805290872834

When all they simply need to do is turn off the machines until they become profitable again. If bitcoin does not become profitable before our contracts end we can all agree to the terms and let our contracts become void. But because they have decided to end them themselves is our concerns. They still have the machines. They are still mining the coins. Yet they abruptly ended our contracts knowing that bitcoin was about to boom. We have to stick together and reach out to the government in Estonia. We need at least 10,000 signatures  so that we can reach out to someone who can make a difference in hashflares decision to end our contracts early. The machines are still running. Their still mining. Yet our contracts are done due to their decision to keep all profits. This is thievery point blank. We cannot allow this to happen to us as we have again given them all we own. I beg you to just help us spesk to them and have them honor our contracts until the end. We're asking the government of Estonia to please help the people around the world who have given everything they have to hasflare so that they can finish our contracts. 

Our petition will be sent to the government of Estonia: Triin Oppi
Media Adviser to the Government
(+372)693 5120, 502 5120