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Fix The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 'Server Unavailable' Error

Individuals have paid over $65 (£40) for the game and have been unable to access 50% of the game since its release. Treyarch Studios are refusing to acknowledge the problem and seem to think it is only affecting a minority of the users. The petition will allow them to see how many users are being affected, and that they really need to take action if they do not want this easily solvable issue to tarnish the franchise's reputation.

Note: The issue was originally acknowledged by Treyarch, however they seem to think they have fixed the problem and do not wish to hear anything stating otherwise.

The following video shows the issue, I do not own the video.

Update 1: It has been rumored that the error is a result of Treyarch's new 'autoban' system that was supposedly designed to target individuals running Custom Firmware for the Playstation, however it is also now banning individuals on Official Firmware.

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