To get Trey Parker and Matt Stone to make a sequel to Team America: World Police

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Most movie sequels aren’t worth the two hours spent watching, let alone the production time.  Seriously... but a sequel to Team America would be just about the best thing since the Superbowl stopped doing wardrobe “malfunctions”.

Just imagine Kim Jong New going at it with President L’orange.  And maybe a touch of Maaattt Daammmmmonnn.

Nobody should pretend to be able to write such a piece of comedic gold except for the original geniuses that spawned the concept. So let’s get behind Trey Parker and Matt Stone to dust off those rambunctious little puppets (was it actually filmed with puppets?!?), give the Mormons a little recovery time on Broadway, and pop out a 2018 version of the script.

F*** yeah.  Dirka Dirka.  That is all.

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