Stop taking chronically ill patients pain medications away!

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The problem is the government has decided, and basically are forcing doctors hands when it comes to pain medications. There are some patients that do have a legit chronic disease/illness that needs to be treated. For example the patients of the Chronic Pancreatitis community, which has no cure, we will never get better, we will only get worse, our life span for some will be cut shorter due to the pancreas giving out. Add in many of us have other GI issues along with Chronic Pancreatitis which causes severe daily pain, malnutrition, and can lead to Pancreatic Cancer.

Chronically ill patients no matter the diagnoses are being cut off cold turkey from pain medications that actually gave them a quality of life. The government has these doctors so scared to write prescriptions that many patients are being let go, and left to suffer. There's going to be a bigger problem on the horizon if this continues. Some patients have already turned to street drugs, thus leading to crime, and unnecessary jail time for someone who just thought that was their only option. Another issue is, the suicide rate has went up since patients have had their pain meds severely cut back, or cut off completely.

Personal story
I'm just a patient that has Chronic Pancreatitis, Crohn's, gastroparesis, Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia, Degenerative Disc Disease, arthritis in my spine, MS, and discs smashing together on nerves, and the pain never goes away. I'm not even 40 yet and I'm on disability. This is not the life I chose, but the one I live!