Virginia Daycare Reform

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Department of Social Services

Associate Director Senior, Children’s Programs Division of Licensing Programs is who we need to direct all calls or correspondence to the following:

801 East Main Street

Richmond, VA 23219-2901


TDD 800-828-1120


I want every citizen who shares our sentiment about the importance of Home Daycares to flood the phones of the Department of Social Services in Richmond, Virginia requesting they:

1.     Change the number of children allowed back to at least nine to twelve children per provider based on townhouse or single-family home.

2.     Decrease the fee amount for obtaining a special permit in order to increase the number of children allowed in home daycare.

3.     Take responsibility for providers losing clientele for decisions made without realizing the severe damage done to innocent children and providers.

4.     Providers need to be compensated for being forced to decrease their clientele when there were no violations or previous warnings that such action was upon them.