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Trees and people's freedom are in danger.

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The Turkish government recently decided to destroy thousands of trees in Istanbul.

The turkish government decided to destroy thousands of trees in Istanbul, in a park called "Gezi Parki" which is a park built in 1940, we can say that's the only place where there are a lot of trees in Istanbul. They want to destroy them to build a shopping center and so on.

Since 28th May 2013 people who are against that are demonstrating and occupying the place to not let them destroy, there are about 10 000 people. Moreover there is a lot of food donations to these people who are occupying the park like students, workers, unemployed people, singers, actors etc..

Unfortunately, in this early morning of 31st May, the police used pepper sprays, water cannons on these people to make them leave the place. There's a lot of people injured but they don't give up. The police neither.

We all know that's not only about destruction of trees. They make pressure on people, to not affirm their opinions by demonstrating. Their freedom is in danger. Moreover, the turkish media don't even talk about what's going on because the government uses censor on them. 

We don't want a government which is against the nature, we don't want a government which does not consider people's thoughts. We are against it. Moreover, we want your help and your support. We want the help of organisations like Green Peace or others which are against destroying the nature, and for civil rights. 

Honestly I don't know if this petition will help but let everybody know about what's going on in Istanbul, and let them know our support to keep 'fighting'. 

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