Trap-Neuter-Return Needed in Lethbridge

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 The Problem

The city of Lethbridge currently has over 3,000 community cats (feral and stray) that continue to reproduce. These cats suffer health issues, starve, freeze, and unfortunately die

One unspayed cat can lead to the birth of 36 cats in 16 months. If you multiply this by roughly 1,000 female cats in Lethbridge, that's 36,000 cats in 16 months that have no home and run through the streets fighting nature. This issue can easily be solved by the implementation of a Trap-Neuter-Return program! This is where community cats are trapper, neutered, taken care of for a short while to recover, and release back outside in a safe area. This is extremely effective in colonies as the colonies will get smaller and smaller because less births are taking place. We are offering a long term solution. This is not us asking the City of Lethbridge for money to continue our operations.This is us asking for support to solve the root of the problem. Ideally, we wouldn't need to exist! 

TNR programs have been widely successful in Vancouver,BC! Through a trap-neuter-return program, the city of Vancouver decreased the stray cat population from ­­over 3,000 to under 300. Dr. James Lawson, a veterinary advisor with the BC SPCA remembers when volunteers in the early 2000s would bring in 60 to 100 cats to be sterilized in a day. Within the past couple of years, he says, “it’s got to the point where people didn’t have cats to bring in.” 

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Our Ask

What we are asking for from the City of Lethbridge is to finally stand up and take responsibility on an issue that has a very easy solution. We are asking for a trap netuer return program for the City of Lethbridge.

If you are a resident in Lethbridge and Area, please sign this petition to show the City of Lethbridge Council that this matters to Lethbridge's population!