Grit Annaghmore Road & install traffic calming at Kingsisland School immediately.

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1  Two school bus crashes in two days. Our local businesses and our residents unable travel safely along the road. In severe weather Annaghmore Road isn't gritted. This is a bus route to the town and schools, it is also an access road to the M1.  There is a primary school at each end. So the road is heavily used as an access road. It is also hilly and has several extremely sharp bends.  It is becoming all too frequent to witness accidents during severe weather.

2  Kingsisland Primary School, one of the largest locally, is the only school in the parish with no traffic calming measures outside it. 180 pupils travel there every day; 180 young children who take their lives in their hands every single day, as the heavy traffic rushes past, on the way to the M1.  Much of this traffic is HGV related. There is a 'near miss' almost every day, as the combination of poor sight lines and speeding traffic make it difficult to get on to, or across the road.

What we want you to do:

1 Listen to our concerns, as residents, parents, grandparents and businesses, and implement the solution we need, without delay.

Annaghmore Road needs to be gritted along its entire length, instead of a few hundred yards at the Washingbay Road end. In fact, the ungritted portion (about 1.5 miles long), is far more dangerous to travel along.

St Johns, Kingsisland urgently requires traffic calming measures at the point it meets Reenaderry Road. It is now the only local school without speed calming measures.    We ask this as concerned parents, teachers, drivers, and residents. The volume of traffic along this road is increasing year on year, as commuters and local businesses make their way to and from the M1.  Drivers speeding along here, focussed on getting to their destination, without thinking about the youngsters they share the road with.

These measures need to be put in place to avoid a tragedy.  Help to make this a safe place for our community to live, work and enjoy.

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