Make child seat compulsory for kids to travel in cars

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Children are being travelled along with the passagers in the front seat. In an incident of  collision, if the airbag pops there are two ways that can cause serious injury or be even fatal to the child. First off,  there is a high chance for children to be trapped in between the airbag and the person, leading to suffocate the child. Next is due to the heavy force by which the airbag comes out, they can be moved away from the seat as usually no one harness the child with  seatbelt and seriously injure their head or any body part which can be fatal.

Make child seats compulsory and only allow children above a specific height and age to sit in the passenger seat. This is just for the protection of our loved ones!

I started this petition, because…
I am Jishnu Raveendranath and I had an experience that lead me to write this.
My Uncle, aunt and cousin where traveling to their hometown from my house. My little cousin was sitting in the passenger seat with my aunt. it was late night when they decided to head back home.
Later that night I got a call from my mom saying that there has been an accident and my uncle's car had hit a tree. By the time they were rushed to the hospital i lost my beautiful lovely cousin. She was sitting in the passenger seat infront with my aunt (my aunt didn't want her to sleep in the back seat just because that she might doze off and might fall from the seat). During collision, the airbags popped open and my nice was thrown around due to its immense force and she had hit her head somewhere that lead to her demise. This could have stoped if we had cared a bit more, if the government had some strict laws regarding this.
I was living in Australia for the past 4 years and there no one would dare to sit their child in the front seat, even if it's for a short distance. There were heavy penalties and more importantly they knew what would happen if done otherwise. They were educated in these matters by the government. It is a pain in the ass to fit the child seat harness them etc.  but when you really think about it, this is alright. It just for theri safety and we are responsible for them. 

What is happening in India?
No one know the rules and regulations. Even if they know, they are ignorant of it. We think we will be able to handle any situation. But trust me. No you cannot. I had the same mindset. I couldn't !! And most importantly no one should be in that situation.

So kindly please sign this petition and let's make this reach the right person and let's fight for our loved little ones, for their safety, let's all be one and fight for a good cause

Thank you