Stop TfL from willfully silencing victims of sexual abuse!

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Stop TfL from willfully silencing victims of sexual abuse!

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I am incredibly concerned by the recent news that TfL London has chosen to run an advertising campaign, paid for by the Jackson Estate, that not only endorses Jackson's innocence, but actually calls the alleged victims "liars". The decision to prioritise advertising revenue over the moral option of remaining neutral on such an emotive topic, is both disgusting and disappointing. It is a stain on our society if we tolerate this. 


Your opinions on MJ's guilt aside, how we as a society treat victims, has a huge impact on how other victims will act. 


The most recent Crime Survey of England and Wales showed that less than 1 in 5 victims of rape or assault by penetration reported this to the police. LESS THAN 1 IN 5!!! Worse still, 25% of these victims chose to remain silent because they didn't think they would be believed. An advertising campaign such as this, perpetuates this fear amongst survivors and is very misplaced and damaging. 


Regardless of how we feel about MJ's guilt or innocence, let's stop this smear campaign and stop willfully silencing victims everywhere!