Stop cuts to Partington local link.

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Partington Local Link offers vital door to door transport for 100's of people every week. From April the 8th 2018 the service is due to be reduced by 40%, losing over 100 hours of service a week. 

Many people rely on local link to get to and from work in areas not covered by scheduled service routes many of these are key workers in Hospitals and care homes. They are also plans to offer a restricted service off peak on what will be left of the service. 

Some users are unable to access the scheduled busses due to disabilities or mobility issues if they are unable to use local link it will greatly impact their quality of life. And this could leave them isolated and cut off from services such as doctors and shops.

We want the cuts to the service to be stopped and the valued service to be reinstated, as demand is high and without it getting to work may be impossible for many.