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Train safety or increased risk?

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As of tomorrow, all train managers in the Auckland area will strike and lose a days pay to ensure our safety on our trains. Wellington rail workers similarly went on a 24 hour strike on November the 16th because of attempts of cut working conditions and penalty rates for working weekends.

Transdev and Auckland Transport are attempting to reduce crew members (our train managers) and introduce driver-only trains. Through doing this, Auckland Transport and Transdev expect the train drivers to drive the train and manage the people at the same time, knowingly putting our safety at risk. This is disadvantageous to the public because of the increased danger of not only the people but the trains and drivers as well. It makes train accidents on the rail more likely because of the divided attention of the driver and it makes incidents more likely to happen in the carriages as well. 

Our train mangers and rail workers ensure that safety is achieved at all times by keeping an eye on people in the carriages, stopping fights and ensuring that no one in the train is put in any harm. In the case of an accident on the rails and the train is in lock down, it is the train managers that keep the people calm and make sure that nothing happens to them in any way.

Without them, the amount of fights and disruptions will increase due to the inability of the driver to focus on anything other than driving the train. Without our train managers, both we and the train drivers will be at a higher danger risk in our daily commute throughout Auckland. Auckland Transport and Transdev are forfeiting our right to be able to sit peacefully and safely on the train and not worry about if there will be a fight no one will stop or if the driver will wander from the controls and put lives at risk.

Through signing this petition, we can show Auckland Transport and Transdev that we care about our safety on our trains and the safety of our children and others. Otherwise, with the absence of train managers, they reduce safety of trains and the safety of the public with only their own interests at hand. If we bring to their attention that we value rail safety, we can bring around change and prevent Auckland Transport and Transdev from taking our safety and security from us.

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