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My name is Gayatri Menon and I am a customer of BSNL Network for the past 2 years. All the people in my family is also users of the service for the past several years. 

For the past 1 year, I noticed that several messages like "I MISS U now. Free Free Free call me on 5200089089","Hi dear, you are very special to me, please never stop talking to me on 5630066"  are been sent from various service numbers like BT - 656300, BT - 655678 etc.. Later I enquired with my friends who are using BSNL Network and it was annoying to find that all of them are getting the same messages.

I am writing this petition because of a recent message that was very disturbing which made me think deeper about the various age groups who would read this message. It read that,''Vacations means never-ending talks with you''.

In India, every first hand mobile user has a BSNL No. For a child going out of their houses for tuition classes or a child who has to stay at home alone after school waiting for their parents to come back from work, are given a mobile phone for emergency use which is at its highest possibility a BSNL Number. 

A child in its lower adolescent and adolescent age undergo a lot of psychological and physical changes that can may get tempted to call the numbers, and may even get trapped in to a fake id and number. Today, when we are speaking about digital safety for children, here, is a government based mobile network promoting temptation and wrong path for children.

As an adult, I primarily find it as an irritation and nuisance to receive such texts in my phone.

Let us step forward. May be, this is just another junk message for you, but for a child who is not mature enough to understand fake and truth get deceived as well as get their track wrong!!

None in this world is in desperate need of an unknown person that a mobile network chooses for him/her.



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