Stop Disability discrimination by Trafford council

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Trafford council is planning to spend 6.4 million pounds on improving Urmston Leisure Centre but are refusing to include a Changing Places toilet, a facility which is vital to enable 1 in 260 people in the UK to access toilet facilities.

They have no plans for a sensory room or a hydrotherapy pool either, facilities which are much needed for health, socialising and wellbeing of many disabled people including those with profound and complex disabilities.

After 9 months of meetings with Trafford Council managers, leisure centre managers and the developers, they are all aware of the need for all these facilities but have chosen to ignore them.

We would like to remind Trafford Council that the Equality Act of 2010 is an anticipatory one. It is against the Equality Act to treat a person “less favourably due to disability” and all people would reasonably expect to use toilet facilities at a leisure centre.

Please sign this petition to tell Trafford Council that they must to include facilities for all. Discrimination due to disability is wrong. Not including these facilities means that some disabled people will be excluded from the health benefits and social aspect of the leisure centre as well as from community activities.